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Cyprien Tokoudagba, artist, vodunsi, both traditional and rooted in modernity, offers us in Dahomey-Rois&Dieu to take a look at two major pillars of Beninese identity: royal power and religious power.

Exhibited at the Foundation, all these characters, laid out on canvas by Cyprien Tokoudagba, are our legends, our roots, our history. This illustrator of the oral tradition revives the Abomean Kings and the voodoo pantheon, through his canvases inspired by the bas-reliefs of the Royal Palaces and the temples of Abomey.

Cyprien Tokoudagba delivers Dahomey with its stories, myths and traditions, he passes the torch to a generation that can now invent a future, strong in its history.

A second traveling exhibition, “Univers Tokoudagba”, led us into the world of the artist through the photographs of Jean-Dominique Burton and monumental statues of the main characters of Dahomey.

”Everything Tokoudagba produces is a work of art. His painting, his sculpture, his restorations, his work as an architect, his speech in front of the camera, his pose in front of the lens. Everything he shapes is pure creation.” 

Marie-Cecile Zinsou

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