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This new edition of Wax Stories presents a set of loincloths on the theme of Love. 


If the loincloths are originally fabrics made in the Netherlands and England, of Indonesian inspiration, their value, in Africa, comes from the stories created by the Nana Benz of Togo and West Africa.  ;It has now become essential to identify the meanings of the Wax in order to inscribe them in the collective memory. This is the purpose of this book.

In this first volume you will find the loincloths related to engagement, dowry, marriage, adultery... 


Each copy of our new book is unique, thanks to its cover on which the loincloth is placed by hand, in a way that is always different from one book to another. This is a collector's edition, entirely designed and produced in Benin, by the teams of the Zinsou Foundation and the printing Sinwa Adas. 


96 pages

Wax Stories #LOVE

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