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Around Romuald Hazoumè, a project was born: to exhibit, on African soil, a contemporary creator. The works had to be returned to those who live in the artist's past and present, to those who fill his memory, to those who are part of his daily life, to his parents and his children, to this people of Benin. of always and of tomorrow, who knew Romuald only in fragments.

In June 2005, Romuald Hazoumè inaugurated, with his eponymous exhibition, the exhibition space of the Zinsou Foundation.


Beninese artist, born in Porto-Novo, radically modern, universal in the strength and vigor of his expression, he is as intractable in the pride of his origins as he is rooted in Beninese society today. Since the end of the 80s, this contemporary artist has combined a unique freedom of expression with a considerable work force, with absolute rigor in creation. We could see his works in 2005 in Houston, Paris, London, Monaco, Washington and Helsinki. For the first time in Benin, and for five months, he gave the widest diachronic representation of his works. 12,500 spectators came to admire his photographs, which he had chosen to present as a world premiere at the Zinsou Foundation, two installations created for the event, his paintings inspired by the Fa as well as his plastic can masks, which aroused enthusiasm of the Beninese public.

“Documentary films, paintings, sculptures, installations… I move from one art to another because the answers I try to give to my questions are not unique, they are plural and vary according to the understanding I have of the world and the materials that allow me to face it. » 

Romuald Hazoume
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