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An Archive of the Present


Ouidah Museum 

until October 9, 2024


The exhibition “Une Archive du Présent” (An Archive of the Present) brings together works by contemporary artists, most of whom have seen their work evolve within the Musée de Ouidah during the residency or carte blanche program, and others whom it seemed essential to bring into the Collection over time.

Because today's art is tomorrow's heritage, the notion of “archiving the present” is essential, because preserving these works ensures that the dialogue between them and the public will continue for generations to come, and this is what the Zinsou Collection has been building since 2005. The creations that have emerged on the continent in recent years are the mirror of our times, a reflection of excellence and the symbol of an era. The aim is to preserve them so that they can express the concerns of the contemporary world for as long as possible, and help build the future.

The Fondation Zinsou is also committed to archiving the words of the artists it meets over time. The collection of books it publishes, also called “Archives du Présent”, aims to disseminate these words to as many people as possible, and to help write a History of art on the continent.


Featured artists

Bruno et Brice Zountounno

Chéri Samba

Ibrahim Mahama

Louis Oke Agbo

Cyprien Tokoudagba

Collectif des artistes du Centre d'Art Thérapie

Sofia Aguiar

Emo de Medeiros

Joël Andrianomearisoa

Pauline Guerrier

Jeremy Demester

Ishola Akpo

Jean-Dominique Burton

Nnenna Okore

Gérard Quenum

Sadek Rahim

Aïcha Snoussi

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré

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